Trained journalists invariably have a story they want to present, and as an athlete, politician, business leader, campaigner or industry expert you should be aware that their story might not be the same story that you are looking to leave in the minds of your target audience.

Few people find media interviews easy. Communicating a message to the media effectively and consistently requires knowledge beyond just the content of that message. Presentation skills and understanding of the interview processes across varying media sectors, from social media, TV, radio or newspapers is necessary.

If you want the confidence to succeed, Zamala’s media training is the answer.

Acclaimed broadcaster and media trainer Susan Bookbinder leads Zamala’s media training programmes with a team of experienced broadcasting and newspaper professionals. The courses include practical and effective techniques as well as true to life experience of real interview environments.

  • Develop your communication and information processing skills

  • Know why and how the media develops and pre-judges stories

  • Understand the impact of the media’s editorial processes on how interviews are cut and packaged

  • Learn to take control and use the media to deliver your message

  • Gain experience by practising on-camera interviews with professional journalists

  • Ensure consistency of your message across multiple media(e.g. web, print, TV, radio etc.)

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