Make the Media Work For You (3 Course Bundle)


Zamala launches a unique and proven system to ensure that you make the most of every media and public appearance.  In this 3-part series of videos, and in a few minutes, Susan offers this powerful but simple structure, which has given our clients the confidence to know they will deliver their objectives every time.

The proven Zamala Make the Media Work for You System will not only keep you safe, it will put you in control.  You’ll find that its simple but strategic techniques are effective in the media, in the boardroom, at Davos, public meetings, “Town Hall” Q and A’s, speech writing and any other situation in which you need to convert your argument to action.

You can buy the videos individually for £99.99, or all 3 for £249.99.

Product Quantity

Part 1 - Make the Message


Part 2 - Make the Message Work


Part 3 - Make the Camera Love You (with Hannah Kreeger)