SUSAN BOOKBINDER - Managing Director

For over 30 years, Susan has worked at the highest levels of national and international media, presenting and reporting many historic events for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, GMTV, Reuters and Sky. Her knowledge is incomparable.

ELIZABETH WHYCER - Marketing Director & Photographer

A versatile and award winning photographer who delivers consistently outstanding results, Elizabeth also has a keen eye for promotion and publicity to get that all-important message heard in superb style.

ED BECK - Camera / Sound / Lighting Director

Award-winning lighting, sound and camera expert, with a unique approach to lighting and camera work and a deep understanding of the importance of a story, Ed is experienced in all aspects of audiovisual presentation.

ANDY JONES - Journalist & Broadcaster

Andy understands what editors are looking for and how best to sell an idea. As a highly experienced national writer and broadcaster, Andy knows just how to get on the media agenda in a positive way and stay there.

DAVID BOWEN-JONES - Film Director & Producer

Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, producer, director and editor at ABC News, World In Action,

TV-AM among others, David is a highly respected media operator.

DAVID MEAD - Film Editor / Camera / Sound / Lighting

An award winning filmmaker, David has worked with many clients, celebrities and presenters and will operate independently or in a dynamic team. David’s insight and knowledge brings out the best in audio visual sessions.

HANNAH KREEGER - Make-up Artist & Stylist

Hannah’s immense expertise, from beauty and fashion make-up to hair styling and special effects, creates the ultimate personal confidence. Corporate, commercial, celebrity – Hannah transforms all with her make up magic.

TALLY BOOKBINDER - Make-up Artist & Stylist

Award winning and much sought after celebrity make-up artist Tally has that world class ability to make you look and feel fantastic, with styling to develop total confidence in raising your media profile.